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Wardensville is located in Hardy County, West Virginia just eight miles from the WV/VA border and one-hundred miles from Washington, DC. Originally named Trout Run, Wardensville was founded in 1832 as part of Virginia and then incorporated into West Virginia in 1879. It was named after the town's first merchant, William Wallace Warden, it became an important trading and manufacturing center for the surrounding region which intensified in 1834 when a road was cut from Winchester, VA to Moorefield, WV right through Wardensville.


Young George Washington, the surveyor, and his sketch of Lost River where it encounters Sandy Ridge west of Wardensville. (Library of Congress, Capon Valley Sampler, Willard Wirtz)

The old stone house erected on land that John Waite owned next to what is now called Waites Run where local lore has it that in 1748 a sixteen-year-old George Washington camped out while surveying Hardy County for Lord Fairfax.



The Wardensville Main Street Initiative was founded in July 2015 with the mission to develop economic opportunities on Wardensville’s Main Street, while highlighting and honoring the history of the area and town of Wardensville, West Virginia.


Today, the Wardensville Main Street Initiative has over 40 dues-paying members and consists of small business owners, local entrepreneurs, property owners and individuals all focused on Main Street.


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